Welcome to free.n7n.org
an n7n.org initiative


I set this up to see what “free hosting” was like,
and from time to time I find it useful as a spot to
host something or other.

Perhaps you will too?

To edit a page, click the Edit button.
To create a new page, simply type the URL of the new
page you want to create into the address bar,
and click the Edit button up in the top right corner.

Remember to save after. The CSS editing stuff at the top
is a bit “experimental”. It seems to work with some strange
quirks in Firefox. I haven’t really tested it anywhere else.

You might be able to upload files/pictures, or it might be broken.
It seems to usually work so long as the image is not too big.
It would be good if you didn’t delete them though,
unless they need deleting, in which case it would be good if you did.
I have restricted image/file deletion now, so you can’t delete them,
even if you want to – you have been warned!

Comic Sans is used to help indicate that this site is very serious.



Free hosting kindly provided by www.000webhost.com.
I take that back – the free web hosting keeps deleting this site for a variety of reasons.
It is free, so I can’t really complain, but it certainly is not very usable.


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